This list iis by no means an exhaustive list. The list of placements is updated regularly and a more updated list can be found at Oriel


General adult

Male and female patients ranging in age from 18-65. These patients can be detained under the mental health act or admitted as informal patients.  


Old age

Male and female patients aged 65 +. These patients can be detained under the mental health act or as informal patients  



Secure mental health facilities for individuals who have been in contact with the criminal justice system and have mental health issues



CMHT treat and manage mental health disorders in an outpatient setting rather then a psychiatric hospital. Patients are usually presenting for the first time without acute critical issues or have long standing mental illness.


Home Treatment Teams

HTT is home based assessments and management of patients with acute mental illness as an alternative to hospital admission. FY trainees accompany HTT and visit patients in their homes and initiate management


Assertive outreach

Assertive outreach are community based mental health reinforcing engagement and care for those service users with severe mental illness in order to minimise admission into hospital.



Liaison psychiatry is a branch of psychiatry which involves assessment of patients with mental health issues whilst they are inpatients on general hospitals. This can involve serious suicide attempts, new mental health presentations or chronic mental health issues.  


Early intervention

Early intervention teams offer support to service users experiencing a first episode of psychosis. FY trainees work closely