Haematology is a Group 2 single CCT specialty.


Entry into Haematology training is possible following successful completion of both a foundation programme and a core training programme (after 2 years of IMT). There are three core training programmes for entry to Haematology training (https://www.jrcptb.org.uk/specialties):


Entry level is to haematology ST3, with the programme lasting to ST7 therefore a total of 5 years. Trainees will rotate every year through different hospitals to ensure well balanced training scheme


Entry to haematology is competitive and so preparation and demonstration of commitment to specialty, evidence of delivery of teaching and quality improvement as well as evidence of academic achievement is important in the selection process. A period of time in a haematology unit prior to application will be beneficial.


There are excellent opportunities to undertake less than full time training and over half of specialist registrars currently in programme are training LTFT.





Page Last Updated 18th November 2020