Structured Training

Our genuine commitment to education and training is evident throughout our educational programmes. Every participating paediatric department will have a regular protected teaching programme of at least 3 hours per week which you will be expected to attend. In addition, we run monthly regional teaching programmes (held on Wednesdays) appropriate to your level and specialty of training. Trainees are fully participant in the planning, delivery and assessment of these educational activities.


Your educational supervisor will oversee your training, and agree individual training objectives to reflect your educational, professional and personal needs. He/She will review your progress through regular meetings (3 times during 6 months) where structured feedback is provided.


All specialty trainees are expected to build up a structured portfolio following the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health guidelines. Active involvement in audits and of teaching of medical students (where applicable) is also encouraged.


The West Midlands deanery has always attracted quality trainees who continue to be involved in various audit and research activities. Most of our trainees have successfully secured consultant posts at the end of their training within and outside the West Midlands. Trainees’ views are regularly sought in managing our training programmes and trainees’ representatives attend various committee meetings locally as well as at the Deanery level.

Study Leave

Study leave arrangements are in accordance with the West Midlands Deanery guidelines. All study leave should be agreed with your educational supervisor.

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General Terms & Conditions

  • All posts are new deal compliant and undergo hours monitoring on a regular basis. Pay banding is specified according to each post.
  • There is a comprehensive induction programme at the start of each post. This includes a general hospital as well as a specific paediatric induction covering your role, service set up and paediatric/neonatal resuscitation, depending on post.
  • It is the post holder’s responsibility to contact the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health tutor and medical personnel at least 3 months in advance of the start of their post at a Trust.

Details on the Curricula Followed

The curricula followed will include the requirement of Postgraduate Medical Education Training Board (PMETB) for specialty programmes and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health competencies for Basic Specialty Training 1 and Higher Specialty Training 2.