Educational Approval for LTFT Training

All training programmes/placements need educational approval from the relevant College, Postgraduate Dean and GMC

GMC Approval

All full-time training posts (StR, FTSTA or SpR) should have GMC approval. If working as a slot share or part-time in a full-time slot then GMC  does not require any separate approval process for LTFT trainees. Any  supernumerary post would need PROSPECTIVE approval.

Download the latest GMC approval guidelines from here.

Royal College Approval

The requirements for Royal College approval vary depending on grade and specialty. It is essential that Royal College approval is obtained for each LTFT post otherwise training may not be recognised and need to be repeated. Many Royal Colleges will not give retrospective recognition. Evidence of College or JRCPTB approval will be required prior to issue of a confirmation of LTFT training letter.

ST & SpR

Contact your LTFT Training Specialty Advisor or Royal College Regional Advisor.

Deanery Approval

This is given once the LTFT Training Programme forms have been received showing a satisfactory training programme.

Deciding on the working week

The LTFT trainee will need to discuss his/her training needs with the Consultant or General Practice Training Programme Director. S/he will suggest appropriate training sessions, depending on the trainee’s needs and the hospital or General Practice priorities. LTFT trainees must include training days which are held weekly on a fixed day as part of a trainee’s normal working week. In addition, LTFT trainees should work pro rata shifts of full-timers or pro rata on call.