Doctors in Difficulty Training


Within the West Midlands Deanery area approximately 100 Junior Doctors and Dentists require additional support every year. Negative changes in the Junior Doctor behaviour can be indicative of underlying problems such as a death of a relative, financial problems or medical problems hindering the trainee’s progression. Early identification of problems is therefore essential in ensuring the trainee receives quick and appropriate help. This module aims to prepare the Supervisor with knowledge as to how to identify a Doctor in Difficulty and what to do as a result.
All supervisors are required to complete a ‘Doctors in Difficulty’ module via a Deanery, College, Trust or University every three years

 The West MidlandsDeanery offers both Doctors in Difficulty direct participation courses as well as an E-learning package. A list of available direct participation courses can be found and enrolled onto by clicking here.

Alternatively, you are also able to complete this training via E-learning. This form of training is instead of attending a course. Please click here to access the Doctors in Difficulty E-learning package. This E-learning is provided by the London Deanery.

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