The AIM Training Days Programme

The Educational Programme for Acute Medicine has been mapped to the curriculum with the aim of providing training on areas which are not covered whilst trainees are in clinical training. 


There are currently 12 days per year that are rotated through the different hospital sites.


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Trainees are encouraged to attend both local and national meetings that complement Acute Medicine (for example Royal College of Physician Medicine Update Meetings, West Midlands Physicians Association, Society for Acute Medicine Conferences).


Trainees are also expected to attend Regional General Internal Medicine training days, of which there are 6 per year organised by Health Education West Midlands. It is essential that you email your intention to attend these training days; contact details will be given to you upon commencement of your training.


Trainees will be expected to liaise with their Educational Supervisor and request study leave in anticipation of all training days.





Page Last Updated 13th July 2021