This resource has been adapted from activity 3 in Ruth Chambers’ chapter in Chambers R. Career planning for everyone in the NHS: the toolkit. Oxford: Radcliffe Publishing; 2005.


Reflect on your current job, role and/or circumstances and establish the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) to these/this.

Target users:

Anyone wanting to reflect on their current situation.


This resource can now be downloaded from here.

  • Download
  • Complete
  • Reflect
    • Once you have completed the resource, have a look at your answers. Does this change the way you think about your current circumstances. Does it direct you to areas in need of change or development? What are you doing well?
  • Act
    • Is further action required? Do you need further help, advice or information, if so from where/whom will you get it?
  • Add to your portfolio.