Application for Faculty Development Funding


This form is to support an application from Postgraduate Schools or Directors of Medical Education for funding for Faculty Development.


The funding should support the development of trainers. It is not intended for use for trainee development as this is funded either through the study leave budget or the workforce development fund (both of which are ring fenced for trainees). However, some initiatives may lend themselves to having both trainers and trainees attend in order to meet the learning objectives for trainers and would be considered on that basis. (Note 1)


The Faculty Development budget CANNOT be used for capital purchase and should not fund the revenue consequences of existing capital expenditure.


The Faculty Development budget will not be used to support activities that HEE already fund via the educational contract with LEPs . Examples include venue hire within Postgraduate centres and cost per head for Educational or Clinical Supervisors to attend a course delivered within LEP. External venue hire would require robust justification as HEE expectation is that post graduate centre capacity should accommodate normal training activities at LEP level.


Applications should take account of the generalisability of the programme across HEE Midlands Schools or Local Education Providers and be supported by Head of School or Director of Medical Education. Application for innovative pilot projects are welcomed.


Assessment of the application for funding will be undertaken by the Faculty Development Strategy Group, usually within a working week of receipt.


Approved expenditure will be subject to evaluation and a further form must be completed by the applicant once the programme has been delivered. (Note 2)




1.Where uptake from Consultants or GPs is not full on a funded training course, enrolment may be opened up to senior trainees to ensure places are used.

2. The assessment form will require details of number of spaces on the programme, number enrolled and number completing the training. We also need to collect demographic data to assess equity of access to Faculty Development opportunities and to understand how we may better support any under-represented groups of trainers. This can be done using the individual application form for enrolment on a funded Faculty Development programme. The evaluation will also include participant feedback and an assessment of the impact of the programme to inform further Faculty Development initiatives.



Page Last Updated 7th December 2022