About the Trust and Site

The Dudley Group NHS Trust serves a population of around 450,000 people from three hospital sites at Russell’s Hall Hospital, Guest Outpatient Centre in Dudley and Corbett Outpatient Centre in Stourbridge. The Trust provides the full range of secondary care services and some specialist services for the wider populations of the Black Country and West Midlands region.

Our hospitals are among some of the most technologically advanced in the country, where state-of-the-art equipment and modern, purpose-built buildings combine to create the highest standards of patient care.


What makes Russell's Hall a good place to train

Trainees get a fantastic opportunity to train hands on at high dependency unit supported by friendly consultant and nursing colleagues. Our acute medical unit is manned by senior consultants who support and train junior colleagues. We conduct regular Grand round meetings, junior doctor’s forum, hand over meetings, journal clubs and PACES teaching. We run an in house Sim learning with state of the art equipment conducted by dedicated tutors. In addition to being a teaching centre, our Trust is heavily involved in research and training. Each specialty including Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Sexual medicine , Haematology, /Oncology,Palliative medicine, Stroke medicine, Care of the elderly, Gastroenterology, Respiratory medicine, Renal medicine and Acute medicine have their own base with provisions for outpatient and/or inpatient arrangements. Various medical specialities have received national recognition for their fantastic contribution to patients, innovation and improvement. Oncalls provide a brilliant opportunity to learn about complex case management, perform emergency procedures and escalate treatment in a supportive environment. The oncall rota is robust and is done in advance to plan annual and study leave. Numerous MTI doctors work across the trust help to fill the gaps in rota. Our library subscribes Uptodate, a fantastic and hands on resource for the trainees. A well designed junior doctor mess is supported by a mess president


Other information

Trainees get the opportunity to become mess president, associate college tutor, to apply for chief registrar post or to become a teaching fellow in our trust. Over the years, the positive experience that our trainees had had brought them back as consultant colleagues. In summary, The Dudley Group NHS Trust helps the trainee to progress, explore various avenues, supports and helps them to choose their right path irrespective of their stage of training.