The next PH Fellowship cohort is expected in Sept 2025

Practitioners wishing to gain registration with the UKPHR need to join a local Scheme for support to develop a retrospective portfolio.

As a public health practitioner seeking registration with UKPHR, you should already be working in the Midlands as a public health professional with autonomy in your own area of public health practice; you will be managed rather than supervised directly; you will continually develop your own area of work and support others to understand it; you may contribute to a programme of work in a multi-agency or multi-disciplinary environment It is likely that you will have had at least two years’ work experience in such an autonomous public health role. As UKPHR registration is based on your own work, most practitioners need this amount of experience to be able to demonstrate competence.  You should also see yourself on, and be keen to pursue, a public health career pathway.

How do I find out more?

The next PH Fellowship cohort is expected in Sept 2025

Why should I apply?

Sally James, Public Health Workforce Specialist for Health Education England in the Midlands, said: "This scheme demonstrates our local commitment to robust professional development for the practitioner workforce and is of particular importance to practitioners who are taking significant responsibility in commissioning and providing public health programmes who do not have any professional registration. The scheme helps develop and enhance the skills and competencies of the public health and wider public health workforces, recognising various career pathways and different entry points into public health and giving flexibility to move across employment sectors through the training and education opportunities provided. Working with UKPHR processes and frameworks to provide support, guidance and quality assurance of assessment against the practitioner standards, this Scheme ensures locally accredited practitioners can apply to the UKPHR for national recognition.”


What support is available?

Practitioners on the scheme are supported through facilitated learning sets and attend masterclasses in priority areas of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to enable them to complete a developmental portfolio of evidence of competence against the UKPHR practitioner standards within six months. Each practitioner attends at least three facilitated learning sets, where they are supported in preparing their portfolio and receive one-to-one feedback on progress. Peer support is crucial, with the practitioners very much benefiting from sharing their work with each other and talking through any concerns. Practitioners also have the offer of a trained mentor should they require one, and all are assigned a UKPHR-trained assessor.

Updated 29/06/2022