This course is designed to give people interested in plastic surgery a deeper understanding of scientific method and an opportunity for research and in depth study of certain elements of plastic surgery.

This new programme is designed for plastic surgical trainees and those interested in pursuing careers with a plastic and reconstructive element. This is an academic course with a strong clinical focus, however it does not include any clinical placements.

The course will aim to: 
Enable qualified medical surgeons to develop their knowledge in the theory of plastic surgery and apply this inclinical practice 
Enhance students’ ability to think creatively and independently in order to exercise appropriate and safe clinical judgement in plastic surgery practice
Equip students to analyse scientific material in the specific field of plastic and reconstructive surgery
Develop students critical appraisal and research skills

Candidates for the MSc are required to follow either of the following programmes of study:

MSc with Dissertation: 
    Four core modules 
    An additional Research Methods module 
    One optional module 
MSc with Professional Project: 
    Four core modules 
    Three optional modules 
    Professional Project

Further details are available from here.