Rehabilitation Medicine is a specialty, which deals with physical disabilities. These may be congenital or acquired from disease or trauma.

Neurological disease forms a substantial part of the caseload as does locomotor disease and disorders. Amputee rehabilitation is also a major part of the specialty. It is concerned with specialist management of disabled patients suffering from brain injuries, (both traumatic and non traumatic) including stroke, spinal cord injury, chronic neurological disease, chronic locomotor disease and amputations (congenital and acquired).

It is primarily aimed at people with complex needs who tend to be of working age who are undergoing rehabilitation in order to live their lives satisfactorily, both at home and at work.

It is both a hospital based and community based specialty treating patients very early on following their injuries, stroke, surgery or disease onset extending out into the community to ensure that the patients' health, social requirement and leisure needs are met.

Essential Qualifications
Entry to the SpR grade comes via general professional training and the MRCP or FRCS or other acceptable qualification.


Personal Qualities

  • Ability to work with others is essential
  • Clinical leadership
  • Championing of physical disability
  • Ability to promote this new specialty among clinical colleagues and other



Training Programme Director - Dr Joy Chowdhury

Support Training Programme Director - Dr Anita Singh

Trainee Representative - Dr Nisha James

Trainee Representative - Dr Ihuoma Okereke