The School has the responsibility of ensuring excellence in the delivery, development and management of postgraduate training and education in accordance with national objectives and recommendations across the specialties.

The Head of School is a member of the Deanery Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education Board. The School Board meets quarterly with a membership that encompasses representation from the Deanery, the parent Colleges, trainees and a clinical lead for Quality Assurance in training and education. It delivers a cross Faculty Development programme for Training the Trainers.

Anaesthesia - 30 October 2009

Anaesthesia is not just about putting patients to sleep! It is about total patient care. It starts with the pre-operative visit, continues through intra-operative care and concludes with the immediate post-operative care including the important area of pain relief.

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Intensive Care Medicine - 30 October 2009

Intensive Care Medicine is the specialty looking after patients who are critically ill. The consultants and trainees work mainly in the Intensive Care Unit, but will be involved with the care of critically ill patients anywhere in the hospital.

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Emergency Medicine - 30 October 2009

Each year, one in five of the population attends an Emergency Department in the UK. They present with a wide range of emergency conditions, ranging from the ‘walking wounded’ right through to the most seriously ill or injured who require resuscitation.

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