The Background of the Society for Acute Medicine



The Society for Acute Medicine (SAM) is the national representative body for all clinicians working in Acute Medical Units. Formed in 1999, the Society now has over 1000 members, the majority of which are doctors. 


SAM, however, recognises the importance of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) in the AMU. The SAM council (the executive committee) comprises nursing and pharmacy representatives, and the Society is building membership among nurses, pharmacists and non-clinical managers.


Key SAM Developments


SAM has played the pivotal role in the development of the Speciality of Acute Medicine. The Society was key in developing the new Acute Internal Medicine Curriculum for specialty registrars and is represented on many national committees enabling a strong voice for Acute Physicians within the Royal Colleges and other important organisations. 


The Purpose of the Society is to:


  • Promote the education of medical, nursing and paramedical staff in acute medicine
  • Facilitate and co-ordinate the collection of data relevant to acute medical admissions
  • Facilitate collaborative research in the area of acute medicine
  • Promote the creation of appropriate environments for acute medical admissions
  • Share good practice
  • Promote the acute care models that exist as examples of improving the management of patients with acute medical problems
  • Provide encouragement to all members of the multi-disciplinary team that work in acute medicine

Society Meetings


The Society holds twice yearly Continuing Professional Development accredited meetings which have steadily grown in size and stature.


These meetings, held in spring and autumn, attract up to 800 delegates who are addressed by international and national opinion leaders. The majority of AMUs within the UK are represented.
The poster and oral presentation sessions provide an opportunity for staff to present their research, audits and case reports, while plenary sessions from internationally-renowned speakers keep delegates updated in clinical topics relevant to their acute practice.


Trainees from the West Midlands are encouraged to submit their interesting case reports or Quality Improvement Projects at the national meetings.



Further information on SAM can be accessed through the SAM website: 

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