LTFT trainees usually have study leave pro rata, ie a trainee working 50% of full-time will have approximately half the study leave entitlement of the full-timer. Thus the LTFT trainee will take less study leave per year, but for more years. Thus the total study leave taken over an equivalent part of training will be the same. The study leave may fluctuate from year to year according to need. As an example, attending half a course is of no benefit. If the total study leave required to attend a course exceeds the year’s entitlement, this can be decreased in other years as compensation.

Occasionally it may be possible to devote all the working time to clinical work. This may occur when it is considered important that the trainee takes advantage of all the clinical training opportunities. The study leave can be increased, or taken as a block at later placements.

All LTFT trainees are recommended to discuss their educational objectives with their trainers, and have appropriate courses agreed in advance. This will help trainees obtain the appropriate funding, as an application for this can be submitted early.

Some of the Postgraduate Schools eg General Practice and Paediatrics have separate School Study Leave forms which must be completed.

The number of weeks of annual leave is the same for full-time and LTFT trainees, remembering that the latter’s working week is shorter than full-timers. For example, the total year’s entitlement for a flexible trainee working 60% (24 standard hours or 6 half-days per week) and 5 weeks annual leave per year is 30 half-days or 15 full days per year.