Funding for LTFT Trainees

Only posts which are New Deal compliant are funded from the LTFT Training budget.

Slot Shares

In the West Midlands Workforce Deanery top-up funding is given from the LTFT training budget eg for a slot share 1.0 full-time equivalent is available from the full-time post and in addition, the Trust receives 0.2 from the LTFT training budget.

Part-Time in a Full-Time Slot

The Trust receives the full 1.0 funding as for the full-time post. If a Trust funded post, the usual funding arrangements apply.


Posts are funded at 0.6 of basic salary from the LTFT Training budget and the Trust contributes the banding.

LTFT trainees may have important reasons limiting their possible hours of work and nights on call and wherever possible these will be accommodated. It is however important for training purposes that pro rata evening, night and weekend work is incorporated into the LTFT trainee’s programme. It is expected that the LTFT trainee will try to help in providing unexpected service needs (eg a colleague is unwell and cover is needed). As this is not part of the normal contract, the LTFT trainee has the same rights to refuse as a full-time trainee. If there is a temporary increase in on call hours, these should be negotiated and funded separately by the Trust concerned.