What does Palliative Medicine have to offer?
Palliative medicine involves working as part of a multidisciplinary team delivering holistic care to patients. Essential qualities for a doctor in this field include a background in general medical care, good communication skills, and a flexible approach to problem solving.

A Wide Scope of Patient Support & Care
Palliative Medicine encompasses much more than care of the dying patient, and more than care of cancer patients. Referral criteria include any life limiting illnesses, and teams are increasingly providing supportive care, such sympton control in the patient recieving active treatment. 

We work closely with most hospital specialties and with GPs and often provide continuity for patients across a variety of settings. 

We are a growing specialty with the opportunity to influence and develop local services. With most on calls from home, the specialty offers a good quality of life to trainees and consultants, as well as the opportunity to train flexibly.

A Challenging Career
The Speciality can be emotionally challenging and demanding. A solid background in general medicine and good clinical skills are a must as at times medical tests and procedures may not be appropriate. Research in Palliative Care is a rapidly growing area and there are opportunities to be involved in academia as part of training and consultant job plans.