LTFT training allows doctors and dentists to work less than full-time in posts that are fully recognised for training, and have the educational approval of the Postgraduate Deans and the Royal Colleges.

Please give at least three month's notice when applying for LTFT Training 

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Health Education England's Statement for LTFT Trainees working as Locum's

LTFT trainees can do locum shifts but it is expected that this will be in the department where they are working and have educational supervision. Trainees must follow the Good Medical Practice standards. The expectation is that 1-2 locum shifts per month may be undertaken. If it is more than this then this needs discussion with Dr Helen Goodyear, Associate Dean for LTFT training to discuss working at a higher percentage of fulltime. Trainees are encouraged to discuss any issues re doing locums they are uncertain about with Dr Goodyear. A LTFT trainee should not be doing locum shifts for slots left empty by them working LTFT.                                                                                                                                                       



Category 3 LTFT applications 

Update 27/04/2022 - Category 3 applications will now be processed in the same way as the other categories for all specialties (except Foundation), and as such, will no longer have an application window.








 If you have any queries please contact:

All Specialties: LTFT Team 
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LTFT Training Associate Postgraduate Dean:
Dr Helen Goodyear