About the Trust and Site- Manor Hospital (Secondary care Provider)

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust is an integrated service provider, providing secondary care and Community services for the people of Walsall.

Manor Hospital has undergone renovation in the last 10 years with a newly built out-patient building that is light and airy with High –tech facilities. Some of the specialities and wards are also housed in this new building such as endoscopy suite, Day case surgical unit, paediatric wards. The Manor Learning Centre is on the top floor of the building which has state of art facilities for teaching and training including a large lecture theatre with facilities to use Microsoft Teams and several rooms for running educational courses and meetings. There is a modern library which also has several computers to access and also a Simulation Centre. Recently a state of art ICU has been built which has 18 beds and provides Step 2 (intermediate level) training for Anaesthetic and Medical Trainees.

The other site is the Palliative care centre at Goscote which is about 3 miles from Manor Hospital site that provides a wide variety of Palliative care and end of life care services.

The community service is provided at a variety of health centres, GP surgeries and community locations across Walsall. The community based multidisciplinary services support people to remain at home including rapid response and home based care.


What makes Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust a good place to work?

The Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust provides Teaching and Training for a wide variety of students and trainees. These include Undergraduate Medical students, Nursing students, students in other Allied specialities and Post Graduate Medical Training.

The Post graduate medical training includes training for Foundation Trainees (FT), Internal Medicine Trainee (IMT) and the other Speciality Trainees (ST) in Medicine such as Acute Medicine, Cardiology, Dermatology, Diabetes and Endocrinology, Elderly Care, Gastro-enterology, Nephrology, Neurology, Palliative Care, Respiratory Medicine. Though not all specialities have a specialist trainee currently but have facilities to provide the training. The Rheumatology and Oncology services are provided by the visiting consultants from neighbouring Trust. It also provides training for the GP trainees.

Most medical trainees do participate in the Unselected Medical On-call in both Day and Night shifts at varying frequency unless exempt for specific reasons.

Acute Medicine -Provides training in the in-patient care in the first 24-48 hours of admission in a dedicated area, Short Stay Unit care and Ambulatory Care. There are also opportunities for the Acute Medicine Trainee to sub-specialise in other medical specialities.

Cardiology- This department offers the ST to take part in cardiology on call and GIM on-call. The ST also get trained in Non-Invasive Cardiology and Coronary angiograms  but not in Coronary Intervention as it is done at a Neighbouring Trust. Other trainees work on Cardiology ward and do GIM on-Call.

Dermatology- This department has a ST and also supports training for others who are interested. This speciality delivers out-patient service in General Adult and Paediatric Dermatology, Skin Surgery, Female & Male Genital clinics and HIV dermatology clinic with GU Medicine. 

Diabetes and Endocrinology- This department provides training in General In-patient and outpatient Diabetes & Endocrinology, Specialist ante-natal Diabetic clinics, Insulin Pump Clinic, Diabetic Foot Clinic and Quality Improvement.

Elderly Care- Provides training to all types of trainees and medical students. The ST has the opportunity to do sub-speciality training in Falls and Syncope including Tilt Table Testing, Frailty, Orth geriatrics, Parkinson’s disease. The ST can also have an opportunity to have attachment to Palliative Medicine, Old Age Psychiatry at Bloxwich Hospital, Continence clinics.

Gastroenterology- Provides opportunities for training in General and Interventional Gastro-enterology such as Upper and Lower GI endoscopy, ERCP, EUS, Oesophageal manometry, Capsule Endoscopy . In addition to General Gastroenterology clinics, Specialist clinics such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease clinic, Nutritional MDT, GI Cancer MDT (upper and colorectal) and Hepatology clinics are done.

Nephrology- There are 2 nephrologists at Manor Hospital one of who partly works at New Cross Hospital. Though this department does not have ST, there are opportunities for any medical trainees to do supervised clinics in AKI, General Nephrology and Diabetic Kidney and attend the dialysis unit.

Neurology-This is an out-patient based unit with in-reach into wards for advice from 2 neurologists who work across the 2 Trusts including UHB.  There are opportunities to work with 2 Neurologists in doing supervised Neurology clinics.

Palliative Care - This unit provides service across the secondary care and the community. There is an opportunity to get attachment to any part of the service including Palliative care/ Cancer MDT meetings, to do ward rounds with either the consultant or Palliative Care Nurses.

Respiratory Medicine - This department has all types of trainees apart from the ST. There is an opportunity to do supervised General Chest clinics, Exposure to chest radiology, Lung Function tests Pleural diseases,  Bronchoscopy, Cancer MDT, TB clinic in addition to managing in-patient with chest problems, NIV , tracheostomy.

Rheumatology- This service is provided by consultants visiting from Birmingham City Hospital and provides opportunity to do supervised out-patient clinics.