What your portfolio should include 

Portfolios can be developed and used with the following aims

  • Continuing professional development
  • Enhanced learning
  • Assessment
  • Evaluation
  • Certification and re-certification
  • Career advancement

Maintaining a portfolio

It is up to you to maintain and develop your own portfolio. Increasingly, electronic portfolios and portfolio resources are being introduced:

  • Online portfolios
  • BMJ Learning and Doctors.net.uk
    • Assist with recording personal development plan and progress towards achieving targets
    • Provides printable certificates to use as evidence of successful completion of on-line learning modules
  • BMJ Learning Foundation Programme
    • Includes electronic versions of assessment and appraisal forms for Foundation Doctors

Despite the existence of electronic portfolios you must also maintain a paper portfolio

  1. You cannot take a computer to an interview with you
  2. You cannot totally rely on electronic resources of any type – always keep a paper back-up or print out of important information

You must present your paper portfolio well:

  • Have it presented in a folder or bind it
  • Clearly order it and index the order
  • Briefly summarise the contents
  • Print it with a high quality setting and on high quality paper