Head of School of Radiology
Dr Jonathan Hopkins jonathan.hopkins@hee.nhs.uk

Programme Director for North Zone (All Years)

Dr Ravi Balasubramaniam  Ravivarma.Balasubramaniam@uhnm.nhs.uk

For East, West & South Zones:

Programme Director for 1st Years

Dr Shahid Hussain shahid.hussain@uhb.nhs.uk

Programme Director for 2nd/3rd Years

Dr Gareth Lewis gareth.lewis@uhb.nhs.uk

Programme Director for 4th/5th Years

Dr Caron Parsons caron.parsons@uhcw.nhs.uk 


Dr Neil Gupta  neil.gupta@uhcw.nhs.uk

West Midlands Imaging Academy.


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