Our aim is to provide high quality educational and clinical supervision for trainees, coupled with supportive and constructive feedback and appraisal.

Doctors in IM training will have a named educational supervisor who will be key in the overall supervision and management of a trainee’s progress during their training year. The educational supervisor will have regular educational meetings with trainees to help plan their training, review their progress and achieve agreed personal development plans. The educational supervisor is also responsible for the reviewing all the relevant evidence to form a judgement about progression at the end of a placement(s).

The clinical supervisor oversees the trainee’s clinical work throughout a placement, reviewing the trainee’s clinical practice which will contribute to the educational supervisor’s report on whether the trainee is able to progress to the next stage of training.

A formal process of appraisals is undertaken between the trainee and the educational supervisor which includes the initial induction appraisal, mid-point review and end of attachment appraisal. This ensures adequate supervision during training, provides continuity between placements and supervisors and provides feedback for trainees.