CPD for GP Trainers

The revalidation process introduced by the General Medical Council requires that clinicians actively demonstrate that they are maintaining their fitness to practise across their entire scope of professional work. Annual performance management through the job planning process and developmental appraisal underpins the five yearly revalidation cycle.

As most medical professionals have significant educational roles they must clearly demonstrate their effectiveness as a medical educator. They must also demonstrate that they are actively engaged in effective and appropriate professional development. For many, demonstrating appropriate educational capabilities is an integral part of demonstrating their fitness to practice as a doctor. 

The School of Postgraduate General Practice has therefore adopted the Standards of the Academy of Medical Educators in order to provide GP trainers with a formal professional framework for their annual appraisal and subsequent revalidation. The Standards clarify the professional characteristics and capabilities that must be demonstrated and maintained by medical educators. These standards support medical educators in identifying further professional development needs. A copy of the professional standards can be downloaded here: AOME_Professional_Standards_2014.pdf

Trainers may provide the relevant evidence for their 5-year revalidation cycle by a variety of methods including peer-to-peer appraisal, personal reflection on trainers CPD events (e.g. trainers workshops, sub-regional trainers days, RCGP conferences etc.), feedback from trainees and colleagues etc. Over the 5-year cycle, trainers must provide evidence in each of the 7 domains described in the aforementioned document. Further information is available from The Academy of Medical Educators website or from your local Training Programme Director.