A Career in Cardiology
The cardiologist encounters a wide spectrum of clinical presentations from acute emergencies such as myocardial infarctions and in patients within cardiology wards or coronary care units to management of long term conditions in patients reviewed within cardiology clinics.

A Fast-Paced, Multidisciplinary  Working Environment
Cardiology also place great emphasis on team work from multidisciplinary meetings with surgeons, cardiac catheter lab to liaising community specialist nurses, and general practitioners. 

Certain cardiology specialities have a large surgical and hands on work with opportunity to specialise in interventional cardiology devices or electrophysiology.

Research Challenges
Cardiology also offers academic challenges with continued research opportunities available and a strong emphasis for all to undergo postgraduate research.

A Rewarding Role
Within all aspects of cardiology perhaps the most important and rewarding is commination with patients. Whether that is reassurance prior to any invasive procedure, discussing treatment options or simply asking how patients are feeling requires great communication and empathy.