Overseas Doctors

Health Education England working across the West Midlands aims to provide excellent training for doctors from overseas who come to the UK to further their own professional development, and in the process, make a valuable contribution to the National Health Service.

Overseas doctors
are subject to complex regulations, they may be used to a very different health care and training system, they may find themselves disadvantaged in the competition for the most appropriate training posts, the training provided may not be relevant to the situation they will return to in their own country, and, in the past at least, may have found the balance tilted too far towards service provision and too far away from training. 

Please note for information on Overseas Dentists please visit the Dentistry Section of the website.


Clinical Attachment Applications - 03 November 2009

Please note all clinical attachment applications are subject to approval and will require confirmation from the agreed clinical supervisor in the prefered specialty.