Qualities of the Acute Physician

The Acute Physician will have the skills and training to manage the acutely unwell medical patients. They will also have leadership skills, strong practical skills and the ability to improve the patient journey while in hospital.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities


In day-to-day practice the Acute Physician will combine these skills and abilities to produce high quality care for all patients with acute medical problems as well as supervising and teaching staff and students/trainees and developing new pathways that improve patient care.


Large numbers of patients with acute and chronic diseases are admitted daily to acute medical units and many require changes to their medications; acute physicians are central to these prescribing decisions.


A Role with a Variety of Challenges

Acute Physician Consultants often run Rapid Access Acute Care Clinics; these provide an alternative to hospital admission. In addition a variety of conditions are also treated by Acute Physicians in ‘Ambulatory Care’ Clinics; patients attend on a daily basis for treatment and/or clinical review which previously would have required an in-patient stay.


What else does an Acute Physician offer?


Acute Physicians in the West Midlands are taking on a wide variety of roles within their Trusts. Acute Physicians take a strong lead in medical education, both undergraduate and postgraduate, and undertake senior teaching roles such as Royal College Tutors and Academy Leads.


Acute Physicians are well placed to undertake senior medical leadership roles within their Trusts, due to the breadth of knowledge, experience in managing patient flows, adaptability and familiarity of working in teams.


Many important research projects are now focused at the front door; most recently Acute Physicians were important in recruiting patients to the national RECOVERY trial.


Local examples acute physicians in these roles include:


Dr Amie Burbridge (UHCW) – Teaching

Dr Sven Lehm (UHNM) – Leadership

Dr Sarbjit Clare (SWBH) – Leadership

Dr Susan Fair (UHB/GHH) – Governance

Dr Cat Atkins (UHB/QEHB) – Research


This is by no means an exclusive list!




Page Last Updated 13th July 2021