The Intercollegiate Surgical Programme website houses the curriculum for the nine surgical specialties and, in a secure area, trainees’ electronic portfolios and the learning agreements which support training. Please visit the ISCP site for more information and how to use it

ARCP Checklist

1. At least 40 WBA's throughout the year: at least 50% must be by consultants

2. PBA's strongly recommended

3. Complete 3 AED meetings each rotation

4. Need CS report for each rotation (can be more than 1 CS per rotation)

5. Completed Learning Agreements

6. Completed Audit Cycle by CT2 - audit must have defined standard for comparison

7. At least 1 completed MSF

8. 3 JCST surveys for the year

9. 1 JEST survey

10. GMC Survey

11. Upload certificates for all relevant courses e.g. ATLS ALS BLS CCrISP etc

12. Provide evidence of conferences attended and presentations

13. Provide evidence of research work and publications

14. Must complete the MRCS by CT2

15. eLogbook:

Must log every case participated in

If you perform a part of the procedure then log as 'supervised - trainer scrubbed/unscrubbed'

Assisted essentially means that you did not actually do any part of the procedure!

16. Up to date CV