What is Required?

Most of the work of a neurologist takes place in office hours but in addition there are on call duties at Neuroscience centres which offer excellent opportunities to get exposure to acute neurological presentations and to become competent in stroke thrombolysis.

On-call duties are provided at the 3 regional neuroscience centres, with trainees based at Wolverhampton and City Hospital Birmingham participating in the on-call rota at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.


At Coventry and Birmingham, trainees would also have the opportunity to develop stroke thrombolysis skills as on-call duties also include Hyperacute Stroke cover. The on-call pattern varies at each centre, for example the on-calls could be a 12 hour resident period at Coventry  or a 24 hour On-call period split between resident and non-resident (but within 20 minutes) from the hospital at Birmingham.

 Time off in lieu is given and the frequency of on call duties typically varies between 1 in 5 and 1 in 8.