Health Education England West Midlands Foundation Year One Prize Award 2019


Open Award 

The winner of the 2019 Foundation Year One Open Award is Dr Sophie Winter with her submission 'Building Foundations: Induction for Foundation Year One Doctors'. 


What made you decide to enter the award? 

I wanted to enter the award as a chance to raise awareness of what I think is a very important topic. I also found having a goal to work towards helped me to put together all the work I had done into a full report. It is a shame the conference has been cancelled due to the current pandemic, as this would have been a great opportunity to present and discuss this work, as well as seeing others.


What was the topic for your entry? 

My topic was a quality improvement project aiming to develop better induction processes for new foundation year 1 doctors. It involved the creation of specialty specific induction packs for new August starters written by the current FY1 cohort. Self reported levels of understanding and preparedness were measured before and after reading the induction packs, with excellent results.


What would you say to anyone interested in entering?

The prize is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and have a goal to work towards. I would definitely recommend entering.


Compassion Award 

The winner of the 2019 Foundation Year One Compassion Award is Dr Claire Roberts with her submission 'To Not Echo Fear: How I Discovered The Meaning of Compassion As A Foundation Year One Doctor​'. 


What made you decide to enter the award? 

I decided to enter the award because over the course of my first year as a doctor I had noticed a change in the way that I perceived compassion. I had viewed myself as an empathetic person but felt at times the demands of caring for patients and their families had left me feeling exhausted and burnt out. I enjoy writing and wondered if exploring what it means to be compassionate and my struggles with it, might help me to understand this conflict better.


What was the inspiration for your entry? 

The inspiration for my entry was an encounter that I had on a medical ward with a patient who had an eating disorder. I was interested in the ways that the medical and nursing team reacted to this patient and found writing this entry an interesting way to analyse the struggle that can come with trying to be compassionate.


What would you say to anyone interested in entering?

I really enjoyed trying to put my thoughts on paper and would encourage anyone to enter. It was nice to have the opportunity to present something that reflected my own feelings and thoughts, as although as doctors we encounter complex situations on a daily basis, it is rare we have the opportunity to write about them. 


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