A Career in General Internal Medicine
Training in GIM produces an experienced and flexible physician. 

Many aspects of each specialty involve other areas in medicine, particularly with newer more powerful therapeutic agents that may affect many systems of the body. 

Expert knowledge in general medicine may therefore stand the physician in good stead for years to come, particularly if the focus of the chosen specialty or the career path of the individual change. 

It will enable the physician to provide better overall care, and avoid inappropriate (over- or under-) referral to another specialty. It will allow the enthusiastic physician to have fascinating insight into other areas of medicine that would not be covered with a more blinkered approach. 

Currently, NHS Trusts look for physicians to take some part in the ward based acute medical service, and would then require GIM accreditation as a necessary qualification. Such accreditation may therefore help with the ‘employability ‘ of the successful trainee.