The West Midlands Deanery School of Paediatrics will:

  1. Help trainees become competent paediatricians with knowledge, clinical expertise, procedural skills, and clinical judgment appropriate for the requirements of the Postgraduate Medical Education Training Board (PMETB) and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

  2. Provide appropriate trainee-centred educational programmes including Academic paediatric training programme for all levels of specialty trainees, ensuring that the programme takes into account the service needs of the Trust and European working time directives.

  3. Ensure careers advice for trainees including careers information, guidance and counseling.

  4. Ensure appropriate systems for regular delivery of appraisal by trained educational supervisors.

  5. Incorporate into service work the assessment methods appropriate to Paediatrics and ensure documentation of the outcomes. Such assessment will be in accordance with the best practice as specified by PMETB and will include 360 degree assessment of professional behaviour.

  6. Introduce and manage effective annual reviews of competence progression (ARCPs) for all grades, including recommendations for awards of Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).

  7. Standardise internal quality assurance and ensure that trainees are able to contribute to the content and quality assurance of their training programmes.