Updated September 2020

LTFT Training Forms

Completed LTFT Forms should be submitted at least three months before the LTFT Percentage change date, if less than three months notice is given, it may impact on your desired start date.

If the Form is not completed correctly it will be rejected, which will cause delays in your start date

We should receive one form signed by all your signatories, forms should always be returned to you and then you send the forms to the Programmes Team Programmes.WM@hee.nhs.uk and approval is only given once you receive a letter from the Programmes Team.

Please give at least three month's notice when applying for LTFT Training 


When you receive your Eligibility letter from the Programmes Team, please send a copy to Medical Staffing where you will be working and/or Lead Employer St Helens & Knowsley for GP Trainees, Sports & Exercise Medicine trainees, Public Health Trainees & Histopathology Trainees.

If you use Firefox as a browser please change to Adobe so that you can download forms - otherwise it is a blank form with no drop down menu's

  1. Instructions for Completing & signing PDF forms
  2. LTFT Training Application Form - for the first time applying for LTFT Training or if you returned to full time training for more than 12 months (not including Parental Leave)
  3.  LTFT Training Change Form - If you wish to change percentage including returning to full time, changing Category or chaning specilty
  4.  LTFT Training FAQs
  5.  LTFT Training Calculator

 Appeals Procedure for LTFT Training

  Emergency Medicine LTFT Trainees Rota Form - EM trainees only form to be used to compare rota to the full timers, please submit to Specialty advisors to review if there are any issues

LTFT Training Guidance Documents

  1.  LTFT Pay Guidelines
  2. 12.12.2019 Joint SALT Meeting Minutes
  3.  Specialty Advisors' Contact Details
  4.  Lead Trainees' Contact Details
  5. LTFTT Trust Champions List
  6. SuppoRTT Champions
  7. June 2013 General Maternity Guidance for rotational Junior Doctors in Training
  8.  GMC Position Statement on LTFTT – October 2011
  9.  GMC Additional Position Statement on Academic Training in a LTFTT setting – January 2012
  10.  GMC Additional Position statement on Workplace Based Assessments and ARCP – February 2012
  11.  BMJ Article on LTFT Training 
  12.  NHS Employers Pay Circular
  13.  NHS Employers Equitable Pay for Flexible Medical Training
  14.  NHS Employers Principles Underpinning New Arrangements flexible Training
  15.  Pregnancy Pack (updated 2023)