Lead Trainee Contact List December 2018

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Name of RepresentativeSpecialtySorted By Specialty In Ascending OrderEmail Address
Dr Donna Best Acute Internal Medicine
Dr Lisa BourasAnaesthesia (Stoke School)
Dr Yee Yin ChengAnaesthesia (Stoke School)
Currently VacantAnaesthesia (Warwick School)
Dr Anna PiersonAnaesthetics (Birmingham/Stoke School)
Currently VacantCardiology 
Currently vacantChemical Pathology 
Dr Hannah CheungCore Medical Training
Dr Petra HansonCore Medical Training
Currently VacantDermatology 
Dr Wen Bun LeongDiabetes & Endocrinology
Dr Kitty WestacottElderly Care (Geriatric Medicine)
Dr Faidah IbrahimEmergency Medicine
Dr Shaun Evans Foundation - FY1 and FY2
Currently VacantGastroenterology 
Dr Ayesha MahmudGeneral Practice
Dr Marium Khan General Practice
Dr Sarah Harris DarleyGeneral Practice
Dr Michelle HiggsGeneral Practice - ST3
Dr Hannah ChurchGU Medicine
Dr Rebecca PryorHaematology
Currently vacantMedical Microbiology  
Dr Lucy McAvanMedical Oncology
Dr Michelle OswalNeurology
Currently vacantNeurosurgery 
Dr Samiramis SabaObs & Gynae
Dr Vandana MoreObs & Gynae
Currently vacantOncology 
Dr Anna GaoOphthalmology
Ms Ameera AbdelrahimOtolaryngology (ENT)
Dr Hannah VawdaPaediatrics ST4-8
Dr Helen McDermottPaediatrics ST4-8
Dr Sophie RaynerPalliative Medicine
Dr Kathryn FrenchPathology
Dr Rebecca CunninghamPsychiatry
Dr Amy BlakePsychiatry
Ms Hayley DurnallPublic Health
Dr David BaileyRadiology
Dr Khai Ping NgRenal Medicine
Dr Bhavani AdizieRespiratory Medicine
Dr Julie MaundrellRheumatology
Dr Abi PatelSurgery
Dr Anna MurraySurgery
Mrs Catriona HeaverTrauma & Orthopaedics