Appointment Process for LTFT Training

Foundation Year 1

Apply to the multi deanery appointments process for foundation training in exactly the same way as full-timers. Ensure that you have obtained eligibility from the LTFT training department for you to train Less Than Full-Time. A LTFT post will be arranged after successful appointment.

Foundation Year 2

Apply to the LTFT training department if you wish to be considered for LTFT training and you are in a full-time F1 post.

The process for appointment to run through specialty training as a StR is the same for both full-time and LTFT applicants. All applications will be assessed and the best will be short listed.

At interview, the best candidates, whether full-time or LTFT, will be offered training placements. It is essential that you have ticked the box on the Application form stating you wish to work less than full-time. For the LTFT trainee to start, funding, educational approval, hours of work and the agreement of a Trust to accept a LTFT trainee have to be organised in advance of commencing work.

Specialty Registrars or Specialist Registrars

Specialty Registrars (StR) and Specialist Registrars (SpR) have a Training Number (NTN or VTN) and this is retained by the trainee whether they are training full-time or LTFT. If already working as a StR/SpR then a LTFT post will be set up and requires the StRs/SpRs to initiate the process by filling in the West Midlands Deanery LTFT Training Stage 1 Eligibility Assessment form.