Contracts for LTFT Trainees

These are issued by the employing Trust. The Trust is therefore responsible for the terms and conditions of employment which should comply with those agreed nationally. Essentially the contract is the same for both full-time and LTFT trainees, and differs only in the hours of work contracted.

The Trust’s Medical Personnel Officer is responsible for issuing the contract. All LTFT trainees are advised to contact the Medical Personnel office before starting, to ensure all contract details are correct.

Fixed Term Posts

FTSTA or FTTA posts are for a fixed duration ie one year and this applies whether working part-time or full-time. They are not extended pro rata.

StR and SpR

Contracts continue until the date of the completion of specialist training as recorded on the RITA G form, plus six months, (as for full-timers). This Period of Grace is not extended for LTFT trainees and remains at six months.


All flexible StRs and SpRs will receive a yearly annual review/RITA in exactly the same way as full-timers.