Foundation Year 1 (F1) enables medical graduates to begin to put into practice the skills learned at medical school whilst under close supervision within a variety of hospital and community healthcare settings. Satisfactory completion will allow application for full GMC registration and progression to Foundation Year 2 (F2).

For full details of the national recruitment process for Foundation Year 1, please see the UKFPO website. Application to the Foundation Programme is via the online application system Oriel.


The West Midlands covers a large geographical area and hence offers numerous diverse posts in its Foundation Programme, spread across three Foundation Schools in three Units of Application*: 


  • West Midlands South

    For Information about the Foundation Priority Programmes in the South Foundation School

  • Full details of the Trusts within each Foundation School can be found on individual Foundation School pages, along with links to Trust websites giving more local information.

  • * NB For the Specialised Foundation Programme, there is only one UoA - West Midlands.


    Allocation to Programmes

    Please see the ​​​Allocation to Programmes page for information on the matching process.



    Reserve List Allocations

    Where there are more applicants than posts available, any applicants not initially allocated to a programme will be placed on a reserve list.  For more information, see the Allocation to Programmes page.


7th September 2022


Application period opens for eligible applicants

20th September 2022


Application period closes

 7th – 20th December  2022


SJT – Test Window 1

19th -  23rd January 2023


SJT – Test Window 2

Refer to FP Applicant Handbook 


Applicants informed of allocation to Foundation School

Refer to FP Applicant Handbook

Programme preferencing deadline(one-stage process)


Group preferencing window (two-stage process)



Applicants informed of process for preferencing programmes 


09th March - 30th March 2023 (12 midday)


09th March - 15th March 2023 (12 Midday)

Refer to FP Applicant Handbook


Request for applicant references via online system




Refer to FP Applicant Handbook


Applicants informed of match to programme result

Refer to FP Applicant Handbook


Pre-employment shadowing





Page Updated:  August 2022