Once you have been matched to a Foundation School and have received confirmation of this via Oriel, you will then receive an email inviting you to preference the programmes that are available in your School. 

Details of programmes for your Foundation School(s) can be found by clicking the F1/F2 Posts 2024 on the link below and we suggest you have these to hand whilst deciding on your preferences and entering them onto the system. Please note that information regarding specific rotations can change prior to commencement (you will be informed if this is the case). 

Please see the FP Programme information here


It is important for applicants to note that due to NHS Trust service reconfigurations, all FP 2024 programmes are subject to change (sometimes at short notice), in relation to placement order, specialty, unsociable hours enhancements, site and Trust. The rotation order displayed may not be the same order as the post rotates through on appointment.




Page Updated: August 2021