Additional Funding to Facilitate SuppoRTT 

Postgraduate Doctors in Training must follow their employer’s expense process in order to claim reimbursement for SuppoRTT activities.   Through SuppoRTT employers can claim reimbursement. Employers must complete the SuppoRTT Reimbursement Form and email it to on a quarterly basis for reimbursement which will be made through the Learning and Development Agreement (LDA) on a quarterly basis. Failure to submit the SuppoRTT Reimbursement Form on a quarterly basis may result in an employer not being eligible for reimbursement

An Educational Supervisor or College Tutor may determine that the level of SuppoRTT required to return a Postgraduate Doctors in Training safely is requires a period of supernumerary training.  In these situations, the Educational Supervisor or College Tutor can prospectively request a financial contribution to facilitate this.  Prospective requests should be made in writing to and must include details of the proposed educational plan for the Postgraduate Doctors in Training during this period of supernumerary status.  Each request will be considered on an individual basis and where agreed reimbursement will be on a quarterly basis through the LDA.