The Specialty

Neurology remains a very attractive specialty which is both challenging and exciting. It is becoming increasingly outpatient based.

It remains a very clinical specialty despite advances in diagnostics, particularly MRI scanning and DNA based tests. Many conditions are long-standing and there are increasing interactions with rehabilitation. Neuroscience, as a scientific discipline, is advancing at a great pace.

In the last ten years there have been big advances in therapy and anybody entering the specialty now is bound to deal with the introduction of new treatments for some conditions that so far have proven intractable such as Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neurone Disease. In addition, the specialty is becoming increasingly involved with acute medical problems, in particular, stroke.

  • 2 years of SHO general medical training

  • Full MRCP(UK)

  • Demonstration of interest in neurology for example previous SHO post in neurology, neurosciences audit, or case reports.