The ARCP Process
Annual ARCP process as per curriculum requirement. ePortfolio needs to be maintained up to date.

It is emphasized that competencies are maintained for both endocrine and GIM simultaneously. Certain courses are mandatory as part of training and attendance to national and international conferences is encouraged. 

There is support to do small or large projects and get them presented at local or international meetings and published if possible. 

Attendance at 4-5 endocrine training days per year is mandatory. Active participation with presentations and evidence of feedback is mandatory for ARCP. There is also the requirement to attend sub-specialty clinics that would be available at each hospital of work.

2 GIM audits required during the training programme. It would be preferred to attend a conference relevant to GIM (Acute medicine for General Physicians run by RCP is an useful one).

3 appraisals per year with the educational supervisor is recommended and needs to be updated on the eportfolio.