Learning Methodology

 Learning methodology


The programme will be delivered by using a combination of workplace learning, taught course, small-group learning and online learning. These four elements will be supported by portfolio learning.  Two of the elements will form part of the core and advanced taught courses which registrars are expected to attend.


Taught courses: Lectures.  Leadership is already included in the taught course delivered to the core registrars and advanced trainees. Content will be further developed by the programme advisers and updated as part of the programme maintenance.  The taught course content will follow the programme as set out above.  It will be delivered by tutors who have received specific training in the content of the curriculum.


Taught course: Leadership Development Groups. The lectures will be complemented by small-group learning which will take place, where possible near, to the workplace.  There will be four sets of groups for the different years of training that is CT1, CT2&3, ST4&5, and ST6.

These groups will be led by consultants who have had training from the project advisers so that they are familiar with the content of the curriculum. There will be 6 to 8 of these small groups each year for registrars to attend.

Workplace learning.   It is in the workplace that registrars will have the opportunity to develop their leadership competencies under the supervision of their consultant or "clinical supervisor".  Registrars will be have specific workplace based learning activities set by the programme organisers.  Clinical supervisors will be required to attend a faculty development training event to familiarise themselves with details of the programme and expectations of learners in the workplace. Registrars will be expected to use these learning opportunities to populate the leadership aspects of their portfolio.


Online learning.  The MLCF is supported by many online modules. Registrars will be directed to specific modules to complete as part of their training. Certificates of completion will form part of the evidence in their portfolios.