Leadership for Psychiatry Trainees

West Midlands School of

Psychiatry Leadership

Development Programme


Before psychiatrists can take up a consultant post they are required to complete an approved programme of training. As medical specialists, they must acquire a range of specified competencies. Many of these competencies develop within the series of clinical placements through which they rotate.  Others, such as psychotherapy competencies, require training which may  take place outside of the clinical placements and supervision from clinicians with more specialist knowledge and experience.  Leadership in its broadest sense straddles many of the competencies that consultants are required to achieve, but training is not systematically provided.  The West Midlands Psychiatry Leadership Development Programme aims to support the acquisition of important leadership skills already set out in the curriculum by embedding  specialist leadership content  within the existing programme. From the onset of training, leadership competencies will be emphasised as a being a necessary part of becoming a Psychiatric Specialist


The aims of the programme has been welcomed by  many.

"For many years, trainees have valued any training that prepares them for the leadership aspects of working as a consultant.  Collaboration between the School of Psychiatry, the West Midlands Mental Health Institute and Health Education West Midlands Leadership will ensure all trainees are supported to develop these essential skills throughout their specialty training"

Dr Chris Murphy , Head of the West Midlands School of Psychiatry

"This is a long overdue addition to psychiatric training".

  Dr Peter Lewis, Medical Director of Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust

"Training tomorrow's medical leaders and increasing interest in effective medical leadership amongst our trainees is certainly a worthwhile project"

Dr Mark Weaver, Medical Director  of Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership Trust


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