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Leadership Programme



Leadership in the College curricular

The Royal College of psychiatrists curricular for core and specialty training all incorporate leadership competencies, and of the 19 Intended Learning Outcomes, many are directly related to leadership and management.  ne aim of the project is to support trainees in developing all of the specified learning outcomes with a leadership component

 Relevant Leadership Curricula

The leadership programme advisers have considered the current and relevant curricula in designing the programme. These are the MLCF, the Health Care Leadership Model and most importantly, the Royal College Psychiatrists core and specialist curricula.

Crucially, the MLCF is the model endorsed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the GMC. It has an existing postgraduate curriculum with specified knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours. It is supported by a large set of freely available e-learning modules.  It incorporates the Royal College of Psychiatrists curricula but can also support additional content.  It is also endorsed by all other Royal College Specialties and the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management and therefore enhances the prospects of the current project being taken up on a national basis.

 The MLCF is comprised of five domains

  1. demonstrating personal qualities
  2. working with others
  3. managing services
  4. improving services
  5. setting direction.

 The Healthcare leadership model is a new approach advocated by the NHS leadership Academy comprised of nine domains

  1. inspiring shared purpose
  2. leading with care
  3. evaluating information
  4. connecting our service
  5. sharing division
  6. engaging the team
  7. holding to account
  8. developing capability
  9. influencing for results

Programme Content

Specialist training in psychiatry follows a six year programme. There are three years of core training during which time registrars are also expected to pass College membership exams.  There are then three years of advanced specialist training in one of the six psychiatry specialties.  The leadership competencies are largely the same for the six specialties.

The leadership programme must mirror the core and specialist curriculum so that decisions about the progression of registrars can follow the procedures set out in the Gold Guide for training.  This emphasises the requirement of registrars to evidence the acquisition specified competencies within the relevant curriculum.  This is most efficiently achieved by basing the programme upon the MLCF which dovetails with the spiral nature of the psychiatric curricula.  Aspects of the Healthcare Leadership model will be highlighted where there is overlap or a distinct additional contribution to the programme.

Delivery of leadership programme will thus follow the Medical Leadership Competency Framework but incorporate the Healthcare Leadership Model.  This will be referred to as "MLCF plus"

As the leadership programme develops, there will be scope to amend the focus in the different years of training as the models of leadership develop

Programme delivery over the 6 years of training.

Year one will have a leadership induction and there will be a primary focus on "Demonstrating Personal Qualities" with an introduction to “Working with Others”. 

Years two and three will learn together with alternating focus of "Working with Others" one year and then "Managing Services" the next.

 Years four and five: There will be a leadership induction into year four which will take account of the fact that there will be an intake of registrars from outside the West Midlands who will not have undertaken the core training aspects of the leadership programme. The Year four and five registrars will learn together with an alternating focus on "Improving Services" in one year and "Setting Direction" the next.

 Year six registrars will focus on preparation for the consultant role by consolidation and application of learning about management and leadership through the development of a specific business case for a specific mental health service development.