Assessment and ARCP


Psychiatric registrars are required to engage in an approved programme of assessment, as detailed in the curriculum.  Completion of both core and advanced training requires engagement in and completion of the programme of assessments.

 Two of the approved RCPsych workplace based assessment tools can be used to evidence the development of Leadership competencies. These are:

mini PAT  a peer assessment tool, or multi-source feedback tool

DONC: direct observation of non-clinical skills.  This can be used to give feedback to registrars for a variety of management and leadership competencies such as team working, chairing meetings, time management.

Additional assessment tools which registrars can use to further evidence their Leadership competencies will be detailed in the programme guide.


Leadership lecture attendance:

The leadership programme will dovetail with the existing taught courses (core psychiatry  / MRCPsych course and advanced registrars programme).  Attendance at specific leadership sessions which form part of the taught courses will be recorded and registrars will be provided with a certificate of attendance. In line with national expectation of taught courses in psychiatry, 70% attendance rate is required.


Leadership Development Group Attendance

The taught courses will also have a small group learning component (Leadership development group).  Attendance at these small groups will be recorded and 70% attendance will be required. 


Leadership Development Group Participation

In addition to attending the LDGs, participation in the discussion is expected. An additional report will be developed for individual registrars to be included in their portfolio of evidence for annual review of progression. This will be a Leadership Development Group Assessment, completed by the group facilitator(s).


Online learning. 

Registrars will be able to include certificates for online learning activities in their portfolios.


 Workplace based learning activities.

The clinical supervisor can record feedback for leadership activities using the DONC assessment tool.


Clinical supervisor report

Clinical supervisors will complete a midpoint and end of post report which includes their overall assessment of progression with all of the ILOs, including the Leadership elements.


Reflective notes.  Registrars can record reflective notes in their portfolio. Assessment of a sample of these reflective notes already forms part of the end of post and annual progression review.


Registrars are required to complete a miniPAT at least once during each placement.



Prior to ARCP, the trainees’ portfolios will be reviewed by their educational supervisors (Core trainees) or Portfolio review panels (Advanced trainees). The reviewers will make a recommendation to the ARCP panels regarding readiness to progress to the next stage of training or completion of training.  The reviewers have to consider all aspects of the curriculum and progression with the specific leadership ILOs will form part of this process.