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Study leave 

Study leave entitlement depends on which year of the training scheme you are in.  Further details are available on the study leave request form.  


Study budget

In year one (MPH year) you do not have a study budget.  In all subsequent years you are entitled to £600 study budget with the study year running from April to March.  It is advisable to pay for courses up front and then claim back the expenses using the study leave form. 

Annual leave 

The annual leave year runs from 1 April-31 March.

Medics: Specialist Registrars (old school medics) have their entitlements as per the "Guide to Specialist Registrar training" from 1998 - can be found at this link (see Public Health section) i.e. 25 days for points 1 and 2 on scale and then 30 days from point 3 upwards (+bank holidays)
Non-medics:  Your annual leave entitlement depends on the number of years you have worked for the NHS as follows:

For an annual leave form click here

 1- Entitlement for full-time staff

Details about Salary

Medics: Details can be found at

Non-Medics: Details of the Agenda for Change agreement for non-medical PH trainees is available at the following website:

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