Additional Opportunities

Special Skills
Trainees wishing to achieve CCT in Acute Internal Medicine are required to acquire a Specialist Skill during their training.  

This skill is used along side the Acute Physicians medical skills, and developed throughout their career and introduces even more variety to the exciting role of an Acute Physician; it enables them to bring something additional to the acute medical service for the benefit of the patient and the department.

It is essential that trainees discuss their options regarding the Special Skill with their STC Chair/TPD to ensure the appropriate training can be delivered. In terms of choosing a procedure as a Special Skill, continued exposure to and practise of a procedural skill is the only way to maintain continued competence in that procedure. It is therefore essential that the trainee takes into consideration the which procedural skill will be most likely in demand by the health service once training is completed.

Examples of the procedural skills, qualifications, specialty interests and level of research involvement that a trainee may wish to acquire are detailed here. This may be after appointment at a competitive interview to another post/specialty and /or may be part of Out of Programme Experience or Training. 

This list is not intended to be exhaustive and if trainees wish to pursue another specialist skill they should apply to the JRCPTB as early as possible in their training programme for this to be approved.

Procedural Skill



BSE Accreditation

Diagnostic upper GI endoscopy


JAG Accreditation



Respiratory Medicine Curriculum Requirement


Ultrasound Training for Medical Specialities

Recommendations for Medical and Surgical Specialties

Tilt Testing

Tilt Testing as a Special Skill

CS Report for Tilt Testing

Additional Qualification

Medical Education


Diploma/Masters Degree from UK Institutions


Healthcare Management


Infectious Diseases/Tropical Medicine

Special Interest


Intermediate Level Competencies or CCT in ICM

IBM Basic

ICM Training Leaflet Joint CCT (2009)

Competency Based Training Assessment

Stroke Medicine

CCT in Stroke Medicine

Special Skill Opportunities in West Midlands
The West Midlands AIM training programme enables trainees access to a variety of special skill opportunities. The current cohort of trainee Special Skill interests are:

  •       Stroke Medicine

  •       Echocardiogram

  •       Medical Education

  •       ICM