Guide on Demonstrating Competence
The JRCPTB has issued guidance on completion of Workplace Based Assessments (WPBAs) and trainees demonstrating competence in the curriculum areas. 

Educational Supervisors are required to “sign off”, according to the Specialty Decision Aid, the curriculum domains. 

By signing off each domain the Educational Supervisor is confirming that the trainee meets the requirement for that particular domain according to the curriculum.  

Guidance from the JRCPTB currently suggests that the trainee should link at least 2 supportive pieces of evidence to each curriculum domain to demonstrate competence; however Educational Supervisors may choose to use a variety of sources to confirm competence of a trainee, including:

  • Personal knowledge of the trainee’s sustained workplace performance in a particular area

  • Feedback from other colleagues (clinical supervisors / nursing staff)

  • By reviewing the evidence provided by the trainee and linked to the competency area (ACATs / DOPs / evidence of CPD in a particular area)

Where an Educational Supervisor is using sources other than the evidence linked by the trainee to confirm competence, they should insert a supportive statement for example: 

  • From personal knowledge

  • As demonstrated consistently throughout attachment 

  • From feedback from senior colleagues (Please state if this feedback is from a Local Faculty Group (LFG) within your Trust)

  • Global judgment of consistent high performance of the trainee

At the end of each post, the Educational Supervisor is required to complete an online Educational Supervisor’s Report and a supplementary paper Educational Supervisor’s Report.  It is essential that Educational Supervisors complete detailed and accurate reports for trainees so that these, together with completion of the curriculum as detailed above, can be reviewed at the ARCP and an informed decision made on the trainee’s further training.