The aim of the SuppoRTT programme is for you to create a bespoke plan of what support/training you may need when you return to training, ideally although this may not always be the case you would plan a meeting before your return with your TPD/College tutor and complete Form 2 and a Form 4 if you require funding for any training agreed upon. Reimbursement's will be made by your Employing Trust/Lead Employer and not HEE.

At Health Education England - WM, we are aiming for a Knowledge, Behavioural and Skill approach for returning Trainees. In the below diagram you will see various aspects of what will need to be considered to contribute to your return to practice. There are also links available on the right hand side to online resources such as E-Learning for Helath and infomative pages such as the HEE Study leave polisy and the professional support unit.

The process you will need to follow for SuppoRTT is located below:




  • Remember to check out Events/Trainign page for upcoming workshops in line with Supported Return to Training here.
  • If the courses on your Funding Request (FORM4) are on the approved Study Leave List, please use the Study Leave Process. More information on Study Leave is here.