SuppoRTT Process & Info

The SuppoRTT Process

Supported Return to Training is trainee led. It is available for trainees who are returning following an absence of 3 months or more*

All steps in this process should be completed collaboratively between the trainee and their ES/TPD/College Tutor

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HEEWM are committed to offering SuppoRTT to as many eligible trainees as possible. This includes promoting the SuppoRTT process and providing awareness training to trainees, trainers and educator.  In addition, HEEWM will offer a number of SuppoRTT activities in order to ensure trainees are confident and fully supported when returning to clinical practice following a period of absence


Access to SuppoRTT is available to all trainees in the West Midlands who are planning to take, or are already on, an approved period out of training, usually for a minimum of 3 months’ duration.Examples of types of absences are:

  • Parental leave
  • Out of Programme for Research (OOPR) or a Career Break (OOPC)
  • Global Health Fellowships
  • Sick leave
  • Returning from restrictions to practise or a period of suspension

In some circumstances trainees with an absence of less than 3 months’ duration may benefit from accessing SuppoRTT and these should be looked at on a case by case basis.

Further details can be found in the full guidance here



It may be appropriate for trainees to participate in a period of enhanced supervision upon their return.    This period should allow the trainee to regain confidence, clinical knowledge and skills in a supported environment. This time should not be used to provide service provision alone and should be tailored to individual training needs particularly in relation to duration and exposure to different clinical environments.

Where it is agreed that a period of enhanced supervision is not required, it may be enough for a pairing or buddy system to be in place for the trainee for a few days on their return.



Several Return to Clinical Practice days will be organised by HEEWM for returning trainees to attend.

Examples of topics covered are

  • Wellbeing and Self-Awareness
  • Human Factors
  • Remaining Effective
  • Challenging Conversations
  • Simulation

In addition to the courses organised by HEEWM, there may be other opportunities for trainees who are planning their return to training such as training events organised by Royal Colleges.  It is essential that prospective approval is obtained by the trainee prior to attending any of these additional opportunities and that the intention to attend them is recorded on the “planning your return form”.  

For further details on current courses, please click here