SuppoRTT Process & Info

The aim of the SuppoRTT programme is for you to create a bespoke plan of what support/training you may need when you return to training. The process is Trainee led so you will need to contact your supervisor to arrange a meetings to discuss your return forms.



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Postgraduate medical trainees currently in a recognised training programme wishing to take a period of time out of training or planning their return from unplanned leave.

Such as:

  • Parental Leave
  • Out of Programme Research (OOPR)
  • Out of Programme for Career Break (OOPC)
  • Out of Programme for Experience (OOPE)
  • Out of Programme
  • Sick Leave
  • Planned and Unplanned Sick Leave
  • Returning from restrictions to practise/suspension
  • Out of Programme for Training (OOPT)
  • Postgraduate medical trainees who have been accepted on a training programme, but have deferred the start of their programme
  • Postgraduate medical trainees who take time out of training on Out-of-Programme Pause (OOP-P)
  • SAS/Trust Grade doctors who have secured a training programme post.


If you are an Educator or Trainee and unsure of eligibility for the scheme please email us:




HEE will support funding related to your return for a Supernumerary period of up to 2 weeks, Bespoke courses and expenses related to your RTT. (PLEASE NOTE: HEE WILL NOT REIMBURSE LOCUM COSTS)

If you require funding this must be discussed with your TPD/College tutor at your return to training meeting when completing your form 2, all costs and a total must be recorded on a Form 4 - APPROVED BY CT/TPD

If the courses on your Funding Request (FORM4) are on the approved Study Leave List and you are still entitled to your Study Budget, you must use the Study Leave Process. More information on Study Leave is


Once completed where do you send the forms?

If you are employed by Lead Employer - All funding forms should be sent to the SuppoRTT team:

If you are employed by a Trust - All funding forms must be send the SuppoRTT team and your Postgraduate Centre Manager, approved and with accurate costs and relevant evidence.


Reimbursement will only be made 3 months prior to return and 3 months after, anything outside of this period may not be reimbursed. (please confirm by contacting your employer to check they are able to reimburse this)